Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Getting a taste of the Landlady

In order to bottle and keg the '1880 n' All That' I made a week ago I needed an extra bottle, or at least that's what I told myself. To free one up I had a taste of Landlady golden ale at just shy of 3 weeks in the bottle.

Thoughts overall: too early. It poured crystal clear, with a tight fizzing head which then dissipated fairly quickly. The overall aroma was fresh and yeasty, an indication of it being too young to drink. There was good mouthfeel but it felt definitely over-carbonated. There was a light maltiness and good strong bitterness in the mouth but little in terms of hop flavour, save a mellow spicyness, probaby from the challenger hops. I shook some of the carbonation out and it began to drink better with a slightly more pronounced hop flavour leading to a good bitter finish.

I reckon I'll give it another couple of weeks, plus there's always the option of dry-hopping in the keg to boost the aroma. Maybe something citrussy to fill in the lacking high-notes.

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