Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winter Solstice - final tasting

I took a couple of bottles of the 'Winter Solstice' along to the february meeting of London Amateur Brewers where some of the BJCP and Durden Park experts there picked up a fault which I hadn't identified. As soon as it was pointed out though it became really obvious, shows how you can never stop teaching your palette!

The fault was down to oxidation of the Amarillo hops I used, basically meaning they were old and had started to stale. When I used them I thought them to be a little brown (fresh hops are more of a yellowy-green) but they seemed to smell ok to me at the time. How to avoid this in future? Rub some hop cones between your palms and take a good sniff. Any hint of 'cheesiness' and the only place the hops should go is in the bin. Once you've smelt it, you'll not forget it. It didn't stop us finishing the keg in a short time though...