Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stunned for the second time

If you know anything about the near-legendary Styrian Stunner recipe then there's no need to rewind a few weeks and see me gushing about just how good this beer is. Now the weather has cooled ever so slightly it means brewing is feasible again without any complicated temperature control to keep fermentation in line. I'm also faced with another catastrophe - I've run out of beer. The last batch went down so well at the Big Chill it was quickly seen off leaving stocks depleted save for a couple of bottles which have been earmarked to send across the North Sea to my buddy Jøn in Norway.

Faced with the need to get some more beer, and quick, it made sense to work on perfecting the 'Stunner recipe seeing as it gets to a drinkable stage so quickly. So it is again that I fall into the sweet citrussy, floral aromas of the Styrian Stunner, this time with a bigger, 50g aroma hop addition at flameout to make it even more delicious.

This was also the first outing for the nifty stainless steel boiler I put together over the Bank Holiday weekend, accompanied by molten metal, sparks and metal shards flying everywhere. What fun holesaws, grinders and emery cloths are. It works an absolute treat and performed way better than the previous boiler I was using. Check the ball valve and how shiny it is - just how pro am I now? (Ha). "Just how frikking geeky are you now, more like" (Kim) ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Very shiny and pro looking! I'm still brewing out of an assortment of stained buckets, they do me proud so I mustn't complain.

You wont regret the increase in aroma hops at all, they make all the difference in my (limited) experience. Have you heard about Aurora hops? Apparently they're nicknamed "Super Styrians".

Have you had any sneaky tastes of this one yet?