Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An unscheduled visit to Bowman Ales

On the back of the Big Chill festival, we dragged our weary but happy carcasses back from a few days of post-festival chilling in the Gower peninsula to drop the camper back off near Winchester. Slap-bang next door to the hire unit was local microbrewery Bowman Ales, so I took the opportunity to make a nuisance of myself and speak to the owner, Ray.

Over a couple of pints of 'Swift One' he was very forthcoming on the set-up they have there, their output and how they ferment their beers - at up to 23°c which surprised me as they tasted quite clean and not particularly, hot, fruity or estery as you might expect.

If you get a chance then 'Swift One' is most definitely worth a try - very flavourful and satisfying for a low-gravity beer with good hop presence and refreshing aroma. It is brewed from Maris Otter Pale Malt, with NZ Green Bullet hops for bittering and Styrian Goldings for flavour and aroma, making for a very refreshing pale bitter. Nice.

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