Saturday, February 03, 2007

The proof is in the drinking (1)

Bitter Landlady tastes good after 3 weeks in corni keg. Less harsh bitter aftertaste than the Pendle Witch (brew #2) and looks a lot clearer. Not exactly bright but pretty clear. Slightly floral, with a good peppery taste. Going to enjoy seeing this one off over the next few weeks! Will probably try this one again soon too, with a modification or two. Maybe some lager malt or american aroma hops? Could be a good, light base for a blonde ale?


Just before finishing the keg it dropped totally bright, around 5 weeks after kegging, The taste started to deteriorate ever so slightly by the 6 week mark.

Orange-top corni keg needs cleaning / servicing as beer is quite flat after force-carbonation. Could be leaky poppets or lid not properly seated? Will clean & inspect once drained.