Sunday, September 17, 2006

Full Mash Jacket

An excellent course. Made the daunting and incomprehensible task of real brewing seem achievable by even a non-scientific cack-handed clutz like myself.

Below we discuss the merits of various storage devices. Turns out they're all pretty useless apart from the rather robust and nifty Cornelius Keg (top centre, with attached hand)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bak 2 skool

Brewing course tomorrow - full story and pics next week

Thursday, September 07, 2006

August Update

Summer is gone and a combination of work and family duties mean I haven't even brewed my first batch yet. It looks like meeting the Christmas deadline is more and more unlikely as each day goes by. The good news is that it's only a week until the brewcourse after which I'll be up & running.

A recent visit to my hometown in Yorkshire allowed a tasting of the following fine ales, courtesy of the excellent Three Pigeons and Pump Rooms:

Jennings - Fish King (3)

Osset - Excelsior (3)
Osset - 3 pigs (1)
Osset - Pale Gold (2)

Cheshire Brewery - Cherry Beer (Delicious! 3)
Cheshire Brewery - something Gold (3)
Naylor's - Rocking Victoria (3)
Goose Eye - Gagging Goose (4)
Deuchar's - IPA (3)